• Be careful How you hear. - Jesus

about FUNLife

How did FUNLife come to be?

FUNLife comes out of my belief that life is meant and intended by the God of the Bible to be enjoyed.  Yet there are life situations and circumstances that often seem to zap the joy of living right out of us, where that basic piece of trust and confidence in our self is shaken and the ability to manage life feels unsure.  FUNLife is a place where I work with you and/or your family to help return the FUN into LIFE. 
Life was meant to be FUN - Fulfilling, Unlimited and Naturally enjoyable. 

Where did all the FUN go?

Have you ever felt like the life just got sucked right out of you? That the confidence and courage you had for decisions and relationships were shaken, confused and chaotic?  Death, divorce, job changes and losses, bickering and fighting between friends and family, general anxiety, lingering depression and confusion about decisions and challenges of parenting and marriage can shake up the stability of our emotional and mental beings. We didn't ever plan on feeling this way or being in "this situation" but we are and we are baffled and confused about what to do, think, say or feel.

Working with a therapist is often a wise use of time and money. I will help rebuild your confidence by listening well to what your life and thoughts are about and then help you strengthen your own self so that decisions about little or big things become clear and confident. Learning new ways of communication, exploring and trusting your feelings, building better anger control and conversational skills so that you can talk with your kids or spouse without arguing are just some of the skills that I can help you develop. I also understand the heaviness and hopelessness of depression and the chaos within anxiety and know how to help you relieve the stress that those emotions can cause within yourself and within the relationship.