Bilingual Banter for a Better Marriage

Becoming bilingual is crucial to having a successful marriage.  Each of you has a unique way of communicating and learning to communicate so that your spouse really understands you makes marriage enjoyable and successful.

Jan's Interview: Keeping the FUN in Marriage

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Here is a FUN interview given by Jan about keeping the FUN in your marriage through art, adventure and learning.  Practical and interesting!   Enjoy!!

The FROG Within You

Frog holding pencil

The FROG Within You

There once was a Person, of no great distinction, who lived a normal life of eating and playing, working and relating.  As he grew he became more aware of his friend, the Great and Noble Frog. 

Divorce and Kids

Divorce as a process and end result can be very unsettling for kids.  The basic reasons for divorcing (break of trust and truth between two adults) are the very foundation that a child’s life is built on. So when this base breaks, the child often feels those effects deeply. 

What should I do about Winter?

Welcome to winter!  I often find it intriguing, especially for us in snowy places, that the time of New Year's Resolutions and long, dark, depressing winter days happen at the same. Resolutions are meant to bring us hope, motivation and anticipation of a new and better life. Yet the dark days of winter can often squash and hinder even the best of intentions.

This Anxiety is Exhausting Me!

Worry and fright can make it hard to see the light.

Anxiety, worry, fright, fear....all cousins of each other in the world of emotions.  They wear out our emotional energy and rob us of the energy we would put into joy or smiles!  Anxiety is good in that is helps us recognize scary situations but what about those places that are not scary and yet we are feeling so anxious?

Food and Fun!

buisness man parenting child

Food for your family creates great FUN! But, what FOOD is best? Carrots and brussel sprouts? Liver and onions? Only PB&J? OK, those are all good foods but what really does a family need to grow strong, whole and wise? A balanced family diet would include:

Parenting Packages

Touch, tender tones and time with your child help to create the emotion bond of trust that empowers your words to impact your child's thoughts and behaviors. Use the whole package together for best results.

Change is created by courage and courage is developed through encouragement. Give some away to your child today!

Marriage Minute

The non-verbal messages in a marriage are often the most powerful - and the most ignored. A look, tone, stance or glance often tells more than words would ever be able to say. But these non-verbal messages can also be misread and misapplied.