Food and Fun!

buisness man parenting child

Food for your family creates great FUN! But, what FOOD is best? Carrots and brussel sprouts? Liver and onions? Only PB&J? OK, those are all good foods but what really does a family need to grow strong, whole and wise? A balanced family diet would include:

F - Fun and laughter - keep the serious situations serious and let the other stuff be lighter, filled with smiles and laughter.

O - Organized - Structure within a family calendar and within family rules help kids feel safe - and that's when they are best behaved.

O - Overt Love: Overt love is when you physically and emotionally show your child that you accept them, no matter what. It is affirmation of efforts, appreciation of determination, confidence in abilities and delight in their personalities. It shows through your tone, touch, and words. If you want to change your child's behavior, love is the most powerful way to do it. Sternness will impact behavior but love will change it.

D - Direction: A family vision or goal helps to guide the decisions of when to discipline, when to talk, when to overlook and rebuild. For example, think of what you want your children's family memories as a child to be. Write those down and now begin to parent towards them. Such as, I want my child to know that academic success is important. So, I would parent with encouragement and involvement in school attendance as well as read regularly to my child. I would limit TV and computer time until homework was done and I would review and respond to what my child is learning in school. Asking a specific question about school, such as "What did you do in math today?" will probably get a better response than, "Did you learn anything in school today?"

So, feed your family real FOOD each day and life will be so much FUN along the way!

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