The FROG Within You

Frog holding pencil

The FROG Within You

There once was a Person, of no great distinction, who lived a normal life of eating and playing, working and relating.  As he grew he became more aware of his friend, the Great and Noble Frog. 

Now Frog did not think that He was “all that” but Frog was very aware that He always knew what was right and best and, when he could convince his Person to pay attention, things in life would be just grand. 

So, Frog began to ask Person if there was room inside of Person for Frog to live.  “To Live???”  asked Person.  “Yes, to live,” answered the Frog.  “Then I would be able to be with you all the time and I would be able to always give you my perspective and wisdom on what is happening in and around you.  You know that I often see things differently and that my perspective has helped you through a number of troubling times.”   “Oh, I would like that!” answered Person.

And so, Frog moved inside of person and made himself at home. 

Person noticed that when Frog moved or hopped around that there was a discomfort, perhaps some anxiety or worry or sadness that would appear within Person.  And, when Frog was still and they were both together, talking and looking at the same circumstance or behavior from the same angle that then those feelings of discomfort would go away. 

So, Person said to Frog one day,” I have noticed that when I move to adjust myself to where and how you are looking, then the ache inside of me goes away.  But when I do not adjust myself to your position or talk to you about my ache, that the ache only gets bigger. 

“Oh,” said Frog, “I am glad that you are realizing that I move about inside of you and that when you work with me as one, we are both more comfortable.  I am hopeful that one day you will even be able to adjust yourself to where I am looking when I only move my eyes.  I really like living inside of you and love to enjoy the great joy and peace you feel when we are seeing and experiencing life in the same direction.”   

And so the friendship between Person and Frog grew and grew.  Each day Frog would shift or hop into a different spot and, as person became more confident that shifting in the direction of the Frog was a good and safe thing to do, the peace and joy within Person grew, and the struggles of the life around, although sometimes still very intense, stayed peaceful and confident.  Person became reliant on the Frog for insight and wisdom, and the Frog freely and generously shared it.  As Person trusted Frog, the courage and determination for daily living became easier and the ache in his heart and mind ceased to bother him.  Frog and Person stayed friends until the day Person died. 

FROG is the Holy Spirit of the Bible living inside of us.  As we become





He leads and heals us.